Enviro Panels

Enviro Panels Poly-Tek Enviro Panel Insulated External Cladding is an innovative, cost effective and Pre Finished cladding solution.

Comprising of a high density insulation core and reinforced on the finished side with 4.5mm Cementuous sheeting and on the fixing side with 4mm Structural Bracing Ply maintaining structural integrity and being resistant to warping or buckling. Poly-Tek Enviro Panel Cladding comes with an Engineered Certified installation system and is BCA compliant. Poly-Tek Enviro Panels provide impressive ‘R’ ratings (high thermal insulation) helping achieve 8 star+ energy ratings whilst ensuring reduced cooling and heating costs for lifetime of the dwelling.

Unlike many External Panel systems Poly-Tek’s Enviro Panels are supplied pre finished with a render style coating and, once installed, only require painting. Differing pattern configurations can be achieved by running panel either horizontally or vertically and aesthetics can include cover strips or express joints to create a architectural shadow line appearance.

The panels offer great acoustic properties by presenting significant resistance to airborne sounds. Adding to the many benefits of the product the bracing ply on the rear of the panel complies to AS1684.2-1999, negating the need for any other bracing ply.

A 150m² walling system can be installed within two days, giving the builder a very expeditious lock up time and saving on expensive scaffold hire costs. There are price ‘add backs’ to be gained as a renderer is not required and with the cost of bricks escalating Enviro Panel is an economical solution.

Available sizes: Lengths of 2400mm, 2700mm and 3000mm, Widths of 600mm, 900mm & 1200mm, Thicknesses of  85mm,110mm. Please note 600 x 2700 and 600 x 3000 are not available

Poly-Tek Enviro Panels can also be affixed to existing substrates such as Tilt Up concrete buildings, brick or timber cladded housing to provide superior aesthetics or assist with energy efficiency through improved R values.

Poly-Tek Enviro Panels are suitable for many applications be it residential, commercial or industrial.

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