Sun Hoods

Poly-Tek Sun Hoods are an economical way of providing over window shading or to improve and modernize the overall aesthetics of your project. They greatly assist in helping builders to achieve vital energy ratings and are a logical choice of manufacture in comparison to a blue board or steel construction method. Poly-Tek Sun Hoods are a more attractive and ‘up market’ alternative to Colorbond Sandwich panel style hoods.

Like our other building products Poly-Tek Sun Hoods are pre rendered ‘in house’ saving crucial time on site by not having to render.

Our Sun Hoods all feature a drip mould for water run off and are available in standard sizes as follows:

SH1000 450w x 125 sloping to 100
SH1001 450w x 160 sloping to 150
SH1002 600w x 125 sloping to 100
SH1003 600w x 160 sloping to 150
SH1006 300w x 160 sloping to 150
SH1008 300w x 125 sloping to 100
Vertical Wings to suit all above sizes.


Lengths of up to 4.2m can be achieved in one piece. Non Standard Sun Hoods are available upon request but minimum volumes may apply.

Please read ‘Sun Hood Conditions of Sale’ doc before purchasing. Poly-Tek also do not advise you to paint Sun Hoods in dark colours as thermal movement is more likely to occur with the use of dark paint colours.

CLICK HERE to Download Compressed Sun Hood Brochure.

CLICK HERE  To Download Sunhood Conditions of Sale

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