Contract Panel Manufacture

Acoustic fencing, Sun Hoods, Letterboxes, flooring, fire rated fencing, external cladding, and many other building products

Not all companies have the capability to manufacture their own building products in commercial quantities. If you require the manufacturing of specialized acoustic fencing, SIPS Panels and sandwich panel products, we can assist.

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At the heart of Poly-Tek’s manufacturing plant is our state of the art, purpose built discontinuous panel line. Aside from manufacturing our own sandwich panel products we frequently get approached by other companies to manufacture on their behalf.

Sometimes companies have a market or an innovative product but no means of volume manufacturing it. The key to cost effective locally produced products is the ability to manufacture quickly and in volume, which is where we come in.

Accordingly, if you require volume manufacture of sandwich panels of lengths up to 3000mm L, widths of 1200 W and thicknesses of up to 200mm please give us a call for manufacturing rates. Our head office is in Brisbane and we operate Monday to Friday 8:00am to 4:00pm.

Aside from the production of sandwich panels, we have the ability to apply different finishes to various board substrates. Board substrate examples could be Fibre Cement, Magnesium Oxide, ply etc. Finish options available are Texture Coated (Render Style Finish), P5 Anti Slip Texture Coated, Stained (Timber appearance), or Painted. Minimum quantities for this service apply and tolerances regarding board sizes that we can work with are 2400-3000L x 600-1200W. Once again, please contact us for coating pricing.

Why you should choose Poly-Tek for manufacturing

As a long-term manufacturer, we have experience, and have built a reputation for quality. Our manufacturing plant adopts best work and safety practices.
When you work with us, you’ll be working with a team of experienced manufacturers who can work with you from inception through to delivery of quality product or finishes.
We offer a full range of range of products for the building industry including; acoustic fencing, residential Fencing, commercial fencing, estate fencing, fire rated fencing, retaining panels, letter boxes, flooring, external cladding, and sun hoods.

We work with companies as well as individuals. If you have an idea or a supply chain and need a cost-effective solution for producing large volumes of product, Poly-Tek can help.