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Why you should choose us for flooring for your next building project

Poly-Tek are one of Australia’s leading supplier and manufacturer of building products for commercial, industrial, and residential use in Brisbane and around Australia.

Insulated Flooring

If you’re looking for insulated flooring for your next building project, talk to us about our product Supafloor.

Supafloor is an insulated panel flooring system perfect for most types of commercial and residential buildings. Many new home builders and renovating builders use Supafloor for second story flooring on townhouses and double story houses where acoustics and insulation are required.

Modular home builders and transportable home builders, where sub-floors are used, can also benefit from Supafloor.

Facts about Supafloor insulated flooring:

  • Insulation performance R1.0
  • Engineered to AS1170.1
  • Can be cut with a tungsten tip blade
  • Supafloor panels are made to order and can be supplied within 15 working days, depending on the size of the order.
  • Our Supafloor panels are meticulously wrapped and packaged. We deliver them using only trusted, careful, and reliable transport companies.

When you order Supafloor insulated flooring from us, you can expect a quality product delivered in a timely manner. You’ll get real cost savings in comparison with equivalent products. Our Supafloor panels are fast and easy to install.

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Wet Area Under Flooring

Here are some of the features of our practical and versatile Supaboard flooring system.

Fixing spacing

Fasteners must be fixed at a minimum of 20mm from the edge of each floorboard. The distance between the centres of the fasteners on joints must not exceed 300mm. Nailing (galvanized) may also be used in the same way to timber joisting at maximum 200mm centres.


The floor boards can be cut easily with a power saw. Finer cuts are achieved by using power tools such as a circular saw, jig saw, bench top saw etc. Service holes may be created by using drills, hole saws or jigsaws.

Wet areas

We recommend that in wet areas or if floor will be exposed to constant moisture during construction, lay the board rough side up and maximum spans at 450 mm stud centers. After board is laid it must be sealed with Supaprime or Green Render Sealer from Dulux before loading the floor.

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