Rendered fencing Brisbane

If you’re looking for a professional supplier of rendered fencing for a Residential or Commercial project of any size, the team at Poly-Tek can assist. As a long-standing Brisbane owned and operated company we specialise in a range of rendered fencing solutions for builders, DIY enthusiasts, and tradespeople. We work with companies and individuals.

Whilst there are other modular fence types around no other manufacturer has the ability to apply a ‘render style’ coating ‘in factory’ which gives Poly-Tek’s rendered fence range a distinct edge. Not only does it provide added durability and water proofing to the outer skin material but ensures a uniform and attractive render finish. There is no need for the expense of onsite rendering and although our competitor’s fences can be painted on site with a textured paint this quite often looks patchy and cheap.

Another advantage of Poly-Tek’s Rendered fence range is that our RenderSmart and standard EstateTek fence systems are designed to emulate a blockwall fence so are thicker than comparable fence types. Once again this makes for a more expensive looking fence but at only a fraction of the price.

Rendered fencing is becoming a popular choice in both the residential and commercial market. Lightweight, inexpensive, and highly durable are some of the reasons for this. Along with this, rendered fencing is versatile making it easy to create many types of aesthetics to fit the environment it is in.

Some of the benefits of choosing and working with rendered fencing are:

  • It’s easy to install
  • Locally manufactured
  • Modern aesthetics
  • Cost effective fencing solution
  • Choose the finish to fit your budget and project requirements
  • Acoustic properties for noise reduction – Please note that in commercial applications different skin thicknesses can be considered to achieve your project’s acoustic density specifications.

With our rendered fencing you can create a fence that has a brick wall look without the time and expense of hiring a bricklayer and renderer or specialised applicator. Got an old rotting timber fence? Why not install rendered fencing and you won’t need to worry about fencing maintenance for a long time!

We have our own custom-built manufacturing plant with the capability of producing commercial quantities of acoustic fencing, SIPS panels, or any number of products that are sandwich panels in nature.

Learn more about our Contract Panel Manufacture.

We can apply finishes to give the appearance of stained timber, painted timber, or rendered texture coating.

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From securing your property with Boundary Walls, adding Feature Walls, or needing Retaining Panels, contact us between 8:00am and 4:00pm Monday to Friday to find out how we can assist you.

Rendered fencing is an economical and great way to add privacy to your home or modernise the look of your home for increased value. We’re happy to give you a free quote on any of Our Products.