Sun Hoods

We make ready to install sun hoods

Poly-Tek Sun Hoods are an economical way of providing over window shading or to improve and modernize the overall aesthetics of your project.

Sun Hoods are a great way to add a decorative feature and they are a logical choice of manufacture in comparison to a blue board or steel constructed hoods.

Poly-Tek Sun Hoods are a more attractive and ‘upmarket’ alternative to Color bond Sandwich panel style hoods.

Like our other building products, Poly-Tek Sun Hoods are pre-rendered ‘in-house’ saving crucial time on site by not having to render after installation. Our Sun Hoods all feature a drip mold for water runoff and are available in a range of standard sizes.

Poly-Tek Sun Hoods are made of a lightweight core material to which we apply our durable signature ‘render style’ coating. They are designed for an easy installation process in conjunction with brackets and approved sealants and adhesives.

Poly-Tek Sun Hoods are available in 8 standard sizes:

  • 300w x 125 sloping to 100
  • 300w x 160 sloping to 150
  • 450w x 125 sloping to 100
  • 450w x 160 sloping to 150
  • 600w x 125 sloping to 100
  • 600w x 160 sloping to 150
  • 900w x 125 sloping to 100
  • 900w x 160 sloping to 150

Vertical Wings are available to suit all the above sizes.

Nb. Non- standard sizes are available subject to minimum volumes.

Poly-Tek can manufacture Sun Hoods in one-piece lengths of up to 5m long.

Poly-Tek Sun Hoods are decorative only and non-load bearing, therefore not ideally suited to joining – please see FAQ page for our Sun Hood Conditions of Sale Agreement.

Poly-Tek does not advise painting ourSun Hoods in dark colors, as thermal movement is more likely to occur with the use of dark paint colors.

While Poly-Tek is a Brisbane based business providing sun hoods Australia wide for commercial and residential use.

Our customers for sun hoods are builders and homeowners

Architects and Building Designers love specifying sun hoods and drawing them onto plans. Our sun hoods are ideal for builders because they are prefabricated, and therefore easy to install, saving time and the expense having to construct them out of alternative materials.

Consumers who are renovating or wanting to cosmetically dress up a home’s façade have a use for the product as it is an ideal cost-effective way to revamp an outdated home.