Estate Fencing

Solve your estate fencing problems with Poly-Tek Brisbane

The Poly-Tek product Estate Tek is our perfect solution for estate fencing to surround your new or existing project or development. This fence type is designed to look like a block wall. It has a far more streamlined appearance than our Render Smart fence as it doesn’t have the same number of decorative components. The panels are designed with a recess at one end, which once installed, will cover the post. You then simply conceal the panel join line with a cover strip of some description.

Estate Tek panels are only available as an economical render ready (uncoated) finish.

The Panels themselves comprise of a 6 mm cementitious skin laminated each side to a lightweight EPS (Expanded Polystrene) core. The overall panel thickness is approximately 112 mm, designed to fit with a 100 x 100 SHS post. These panels can also be affixed with a special bracket to sit on top of retaining walls.

Available Panel sizes are:

  • 900mm x 2400mm
  • 900mm x 3000mm
  • 1200mm x 2400mm
  • 1200mm x 3000mm

We manufacture our own patented and industry recognised products at our own manufacturing plant in Brisbane. We work with commercial quantities and we can work with short turnaround times. We offer delivery not only within the Brisbane are, but also nationwide and even internationally if required.

Our clients choose us because of our highly developed quality estate fencing products that look amazing and cost than similar products for their application. We guarantee all our products and will gladly work with you to meet your exact requirements.

Choose from our three popular estate fencing products

The most popular fencing product we sell is RenderSmart which is used extensively in residential estate fencing. This versatile fencing solution provide a great noise wall solution for estate fencing around busy roads or high traffic thoroughfares.

If you’re looking for flame retardant estate fencing, look no further than our product Flame-Tek with its bushfire rating BALFZ. This product also has acoustic sound barrier properties for reducing noise.

When you need heavy duty high impact resistant estate fencing for along main roads or railway lines, our Mega Barrier fencing solution will do the job. It’s strong, durable, and lightweight which means it can be constructed without the aid of heavy machinery such as cranes or concreting trucks.