Noise Barriers

Brisbane noise barriers, durable but with style

As the name suggests, a noise barrier has an important job to do. Keeping noise out! Most noise barriers are built in public areas often close to busy roads. This means that noise barriers also have to be able to withstand high impact and be resistant to vandalism and graffiti.

About our noise barrier panels

Our MegaBarrier panels were developed and tested in conjunction with the Griffith University’s Engineering department right here in Brisbane. Our noise barriers have been designed to meet and exceed DTMR (Department of Transport and Main Roads) Queensland and Queensland Rail specifications for use as a noise barrier fence type on state controlled roads and along railway lines.

Poly-Tek Mega Barrier


  • The Poly-Tek MgO Noise Fence is a lightweight alternative to concrete.
  • The Poly-Tek MgO Noise Fence is comprised of a high density PIR core sandwiched between 2 x sheets of 12 mm MgO High Impact Magnesium Oxide Boards.

Technical information and specifications

  • The Poly-Tek MgO Noise Barrier Panels offer a RW35 acoustic rating and are 40 kgsm² in density.
  • This fence meets all DTMR – MRTS15 and QR MCE-SR-014 & QR-CTS-Part 41 specifications inc acoustics, fire rating, impact, durability, structural, aesthetics, economy, and design life.
  • This fence is available as an ‘uncoated’ option (similar look to polished concrete), ‘render effect’ coated, Pre-Painted or Photographic Image Printed.
  • This fence type is suitable for a Universal I Beam post system.
  • Available sizes; 2400, 2700 or 3000 L x 600 mm x 94 mm Panel Depth.
  • This fence has a design life warranty of 50 years.

The Poly-TekMgO Panel fence has been used by Peet Limited and QR (Queensland Rail) on an estate adjacent to a railway line, a Queensland Rail stabling yard at Banyo and on a large estate fence for Aveo/FKP.

Poly-Tek Acoustic Commercial Noise Barriers are suitable for use in;

  • Highways, railways, and main roads
  • International Compound Fencing to provide security and keep vandalism at bay

As the Mega Barrier name suggests this fence type is for heavy duty applications.