Fire Rated Fencing

Why you should choose us for fire rated fencing

We manufacture fences strong enough to withstand bushfire conditions.
At Poly-Tek Australia we specialize in the manufacture of professional quality fencing for use in building Boundary Walls, Retaining Walls, Feature Walls, Estate Fencing, and Noise Barriers. Our fire rated fencing is designed and manufactured to the highest standard for commercial, industrial, and residential use. We make it easy for you to erect fire rated fencing without the need for concreting trucks and other heavy machinery.

Just like Brisbane, many large cities and regional towns in Australia are developed in and around bush fire prone areas. This makes fire rated fencing a must have for the safety and protection of property and life when building in bush fire prone zones.



  • The Poly-TekFlameTek Fence is an economical option for builders or developers wanting to stay within a price point but still achieve a strong and durable fence type with modern aesthetics.
  • The Poly-TekFlametek Fence offers; high impact resistance, is non-combustible, is dimensionally stable (won’t warp), and is moisture, mould & termite resistant.

Technical information and specifications

  • Our Flametek Fence is BAL-FZ Fire rated. BAL-FZ is the highest rating available for fire and heat. This fence can withstand direct exposure to flames from a fire, heat flux, and ember attack.
  • Acoustically this fence is 20kgs m² in density.
  • is available in finish options of an uncoated finish, Render Effect Coated, Pre-Painted or Pre-Stained and can also feature a routed face for paling effect.
  • The Flametekfence carries a 10 Year Warranty.

Material composition

Poly-TekFlameTek Fence Panels are a single skin MgO (Magnesium Oxide) board. Each board features a woodgrain texture on one face and a smooth finish on the other.

The fence has been designed as a post and rail system.

Call us for assistance with fire rated fencing

We’re always happy to answer any questions you might have about any of our fencing products. We operate Monday to Friday between 8:00am and 4:00pm.