External Cladding

We can supply external cladding and insulated cladding

At Poly-Tek we manufacture our own insulated external claddingproduct called EnviroPanel. Thisproduct is an innovative and cost-effective pre-finished cladding solution that is just as functional for the Brisbane climate as it is for other areas in Australia.

We also supply a single skin façade cladding which is available in a range of pre finishes such as Texture Coated, timber stain look or pre painted.

How does our external cladding product compare with like products?

Pre-finished for a great look

Many external claddings available on the market today do not come pre-finished like ourEnviroPanels or Façade Cladding. Our EnviroPanels are delivered pre-finished with a render style coating, which means once they are installed, they require painting only.Our Façade cladding comes with a range of finish options.

Excellent acoustic properties

Our panels have excellent acoustic properties which give significant resistance to airborne sounds.

Fast installation

A 150m2 Enviro Panel external cladding walling system can be installed within 2 days. For builders, this allows for an expeditious lock up time which will save expensive scaffold hire costs.Using our façade cladding saves immeasurable time by, in some finish options, not needing to paint or stain in situ.

An economical solution

External cladding typically involves having to hire the services of someone to render it once it has been installed. Our Enviro Panels are delivered with a render finish which means a renderer is not required. You’ll save time and cost.

Works with timber or steel framed houses

You can affix our EnviroPanelexternal cladding or Façade Cladding to a variety of common building structures.

Get in touch with an expert in external cladding

Need some advice or a quote on external cladding? We’re happy to assist. Give our friendly team a call during our Brisbane office hours Monday to Friday 8:00am to 4:00pm or visit our page for Insulated Cladding or Façade Cladding.