Letter Boxes

Our letterboxes can boost your home’s street appeal

Even in today’s digital world, old fashioned snail mail still exists. Our letter boxes are designed to look great and be functional. A secure letter box will help you protect your personal mail from weather and wrongful interference.

Keep your mail secure with one of our high-quality lightweight letter boxes. Perfect for a DIY installation.
We offer a range of stylish designs including letterboxes to suit Duplex and Triplex construction. Ask us about our new Parcel Style Letterbox designed to receive all your online shopping discretely and securely.

What you need to know about our letterboxes

When you order a letterbox to be manufactured from Poly-Tek, you’ll be getting a product that has a high-density lightweight core, with a hard coat and sand textured finish. The finish we use will give you a stylish and modern rendered look letterbox that has superior strength. Our letterboxes include a 50mm galvanized RHS steel post to give you the ultimate in footing strength and easy installation.

About our installation process

Because our ready to install letterboxes are delivered with a pre-coated rendered look finish, there is no need to employ a tradesperson as you would with regular ‘bricked up’ style letterboxes.

Our letterboxes are designed to be as easy as possible to install for DIY enthusiasts. We provide complete installation instructions with all our products, including our letterboxes.
After installation, the only thing left for you to do is to paint your new letterbox in the color of your choosing, using any good quality exterior acrylic paint.

Where to install your new letterbox

We recommend installing your new letterbox in a garden bed. If you choose to install your letterbox directly into your lawn, we suggest surrounding the base of the box with feature stones and/or rocks. An alternative to this would be to extend the concrete pad an additional 30mm around the base of the letterbox, which would effectively create a mower strip.

What you can expect with our letter boxes

All our letterboxes come standard with the following features:

  • Australia Post compliant mail inserts
  • Fully lockable mail insert (2 keys provided)
  • Abrushed Silver mail insert which will accommodate flat laying A4 size envelopes
  • Option to paint over the brushed Silver mail insert to match the colour of your home or façade