Residential Fencing

Solve your noise and privacy problems with our residential fencing solution

Poly-Tek have been manufacturing and supplying quality Residential Fencingin Brisbane for over 15 years. As with our Commercial Fencing, the Poly-Tek Render Smart fence offers acoustic benefits along with modern aesthetics and real cost savings.

Rendersmart Residential Fence Quotation Request

(noting fence heights are available in panel increments of 600mm, 900mm,1200mm)

Please describe your proposed fence site including;

  • Overall meterages
  • Does it stop and start to allow for pedestrian gates or driveways and what size openings to allow for these
  • Does it have corners and what degree
  • Does the ground slope or step
  • Is any part of the fence to sit atop of an existing retaining wall

Why choose our Render Smart residential fencing

  • With the rising costs of tradesmen and the dwindling number of available bricklayers and renderers our Render Smart fence provides you with a block wall look but at a fraction of the price.
  • Render Smart panels comprise of an outer 4.5 mm cementitious skin adhered to a lightweight core material.
  • The Render Smart fence is available in panel height increments of 900 mm & 1200 mm, panel lengths of 2400 mm & 3000 mm and is designed to emulate a block wall thickness of 104 mm.
  • Render Smart can be used to achieve optimal privacy with full panels utilized at a standard height of 1800mm or above or alternatively you can use inserts to break up the solid nature of the wall.

Insert fences are commonly used as front fences where covenants dictate that a full height fence obstructs visibility. Insert types that can be used are timber or aluminium slats, patterned steel, tensioned wire, or lattice. Poly-Tek do not supply insert materials but the fence can be designed for their implementation.

What you should know about our Render Smart residential fencing

  • Render Smart is available in 2 finish options, render ready (uncoated) or with Poly-Tek’s signature ‘in house’ render style coating. The Poly-Tek render style coating increases the product’s durability and also acts as a waterproofing membrane. Both finish options are designed to be painted with any quality outdoor paint.
  • Render Smart is an easy D.I.Y installation or alternatively (depending on location) we can recommend experienced installers.
  • Render Smart is ideal for reactive soil type areas. Unlike expensive concrete/block wall fence types, it is not prone to cracking.

A Poly-Tek Render Smart fence is ideal for anyone wanting to shield their home acoustically or privately. We operate in all suburbs in and around Brisbane and supply (and in some cases install) nationwide. Call us Monday to Friday between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm for advice or a quote.